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Bandsaw Uddeholm steel

All sawbands of PRETA are made from Swedish UDDEHOLM steel. By dint of the straight basic materials and precision control of heat treatment methods, UDDEHOLM steel reach the most quality in the world. The UDDEHOLM steel has got right combination of hardness and flexibility, which are considerable for:

high fastness to wear
high resistance for fatigue

good elasticy and strength

The sawbands of PRETA are made using the highest class machines – German producer Vollmer. By dint of profound technology PRETA receipt the most quality of product. All numerical control machines secure the highest quality and repeatability of production. There are used VOLLMER CA350 for sharpening, VOLLMER RC100 for stressing and the newest model VOLLMER GPA200 for steliting. 

The matching of sawbands is peculiar with operating conditions. Our company supplys personalize service (matching of sawbalde using by client and operating conditions) and after-sale service (technical support in a case of any problems).



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